oncron Our 58th Chick hatched since opening, named for Anne and Richard at 58 on Cron Motel for their fantastic ongoing support!

On Cron’s egg was rescued from the Okarito Kiwi Sanctuary on October 19th 2012. The egg weighed 377.5g on arrival and the embryo inside was estimated to be 61 days through the 78 day incubation period. On Cron’s egg was carefully washed in a disinfectant solution before being transferred to one of our warm, safe incubators. On Cron’s egg was closely monitored by our Kiwi Ranger’s throughout the remaining 17 days of incubation at the WCWC. On Cron hatched at 10.30am on Saturday 3rd November and was the 10th Rowi kiwi to hatch for the 2012/13 breeding season. On Cron has a beautiful crown of white feathers on its forehead! On Cron took a total of 6 days to hatch and weighed a healthy 313.4 grams. We kept On Cron cozy and warm in one of the incubators for the first two days while On Cron learnt to crouch and shuffle. Since then, On Cron has grown to become a quiet, alert and inquisitive chick and has been busy exploring the brooder and snuffling around in the soil. On Cron will stay in a brooder at the WCWC until one month of age before moving out to one of the special pre-release pens built by the Department of Conservation. Once On Cron has adapted to the outdoor environment, and is foraging well for food, On Cron will be transferred to Motuara Island, a predator free island in the Marlborough Sounds. On Cron will return to the Okarito Kiwi Sanctuary once adapted to life in the real world. By this time On Cron will be able to fend off the kiwi’s main predator – the stoat! Hopefully in the future we will start to see and hear some of On Cron’s offspring out in the Okarito Kiwi Sanctuary.

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I received an email from Kim @WCWC with the following message and photo:

Check out our new flavoured ice cream! Would you like one scoop or two?!

Took this photo this morning when we were weighing On Cron, what a little sweetie!

On Cron did the most spectacular grown up kiwi call when s/he was in bed this morning, it stopped Bridget, Katie and I in our tracks! very loud, and shrill. When the chicks are this young they normally only make little squeaky chicks noises, this is the first time I’ve ever heard a chick do that in the brooder room.

On Cron at weigh in 29th November 2012.

I had visited ‘On Cron’ in person, to check her progress she is beautiful and it was worth every minute. Then to get the email from Kim showing her on the scales was a great surprise. Kim has promised to give a more substantial report soon. Note the pictures are contributed by the West Coast Wildlife Centre.

‘On Cron’ has been busy growing, and we received this update from the wildlife centre: On the 1st of March 2013.

OnCron has out grown the sanctury at the centre, and was packed up and shipped off to Motuara Island. To the release burrows. Enjoy the gallery of the trip to the Release Burrows. Here you will see them getting their transmitters fitted and their weighing session before the release at the burrows watch out for the picture of ‘OnCrons’ awesome wiskers We will continue to get updates when they track them for weigh in and progress reports through out the stay in this protected area. We wish “OnCron” a happy safe time on the Island and look forward to the next milestone of being released back into the Okarito Forest Sanctury.

The progress reports and pictures have been supplied by the Westcoast Wildlife Centre. We thank them for the hard work and their support.

[image of the Kiwi sanctury]

‘OnCron’ Progress Report 10 July 2013: Bridget (Kiwi Ranger West Coast Wildlife Centre) kindly gave an update on On Cron’s progress

At the last health check On Cron weighed 1150g. Approximately every six weeks, DOC Rangers visit Motuara Island and check radio transmitter signals for the 30 Rowi kiwi on the island. The type of beeps emitted from the transmitter’s tell the Rangers what the kiwi are doing so they know the kiwi are alive, without actually handling them. These signals also enable them to locate the kiwi when they need to be caught for a health check. At the end of July, On Cron is due for his/her next health check where the Rangers will assess the condition of On Cron, and they will also fit a new Radio Transmitter to his/her leg, which should last for about 14 months.

Sorry we did not get any pictures this time but will get some at the next weigh in and check.