halo Named for the beautiful white circle of feathers on its forehead! Sponsored by Richard and Anne from 58 on Cron Motel, helping to grow the Rowi kiwi family tree.

Halo’s egg was rescued from the Okarito Kiwi Sanctuary on August 20th 2013. The embryo inside was estimated to be 39 days through the 78 day incubation period and was accompanied by a second freshly laid egg! Halos kiwi parents, Duncan and Colleen, had been very busy and had already produced a second clutch egg quite early in the season. Halo’s egg was carefully washed in a disinfectant solution before being transferred to one of our warm, safe incubators. Halo’s egg was closely monitored by our Kiwi Ranger’s throughout the remaining 39 days of incubation at the WCWC and hatched on Saturday 28th of September, in the middle of the day! Halo took a total of 5 days to hatch and weighed a healthy 340 grams. We kept Halo cozy and warm in one of our incubators for the first two days while Halo learnt to crouch and shuffle. Since then, Halo has grown to become a quiet but very curious chick and has been very busy exploring the brooder and snuffling around in the soil. Halo has been introduced to food and is beginning to show some interest, very enthusiastically probing with its tiny little bill. Halo will stay in a brooder at the WCWC until one month of age before moving out to one of the special pre-release pens built by the Department of Conservation. Once Halo has adapted to the outdoor environment, and is foraging well for food, Halo will be transferred to Motuara Island, a predator free island in the Marlborough Sounds. Halo will return to the Okarito Kiwi Sanctuary once adapted to life in the real world. By this time Halo will be able to fend off the kiwi’s main.

[more to come]